Welcome to Carton Kids 2.0 where utility and art are centralized!

A Solana Blockchain NFT  project

The Carton Kids Upgrade is live!

Upgrade your Carton Kid

Why the fuck is everyone hyped about Carton Kids.

Carton Kids is an NFT collection consisting of 2,000 NTFs that reside on the Solana Blockchain. Every Carton Kid is the same, although some traits are a little rarer than others. With your Carton Kid NFT, you get access to holders-only benefits, the first is a private area on the official discord where we do giveaways, and activities, and provide whitelist opportunities to the holders. Together with 1799 Carton Monster, are we discovering the Solana Blockchain.

Welcome to 2.0 where art and utility take center stage.

After successfully completing our first roadmap, we are making way for our 2.0, with a completely new art style, utilities & way of working in combination with branding.

It will always be the same Carton Kid, reimagined.

Carton Kids 2.0 are a 1:1 fine-art version of the original Carton Kid. We have recreated every single one of the original 69 attributes. The original Carton Kid rarities will stay intact, because the metadata will remain exactly the same.

Our daily utility is super simple, yet effective.

Every workday, we organize fun activities in our discord. Raffling a Ledger, to giving a free pizza to your doorstep. nothing is too crazy for us. 

with this, we encourage to undergo daily activities for Carton Kids which gives us a lot of eyes on us in the Solana NFT space.

Buy the floor, get a reward

By grabbing a Carton Kid off the floor, you'll get an x amount of $CARTON, a randomized amount of 4 - 400 $CARTON.

Sell the house, not the kidz.